Get Loud Music Shop and Lesson Centre

ABOUT the shop

Get Loud is a shop for musical instruments and a centre for music lessons. It's a place where musicians can relax as they look for their next piece of gear. It’s a place for beginners to ask questions and find the right instrument without having to deal with pretentious and overbearing staff. We don’t pressure our customers because Get Loud is more than a music store. It’s a place to feel at home.  

Wonder how a guitar feels? Pick it up and play it. Curious how Fender amps stack up against Marshall? Plug in and compare. Need a new guitar pedal for your board? Grab some cables and try a few out. Our goal is to help you find an instrument you love, an instrument that motivates you to play every day. We invite you to come in and speak to our staff so we can help you find exactly what you need. 

We Teach Music Lessons, too.

We love music so much we've put together a team of teachers to help you learn the ins and outs of your instrument. We offer music lessons that cover a variety of instruments for all ages and skill levels. Once you pick the instrument for you, or if you've already got the perfect guitar, bass or set of drums, let us help you fine tune your playing.

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Drumsticks at Shop and Music Lesson Centre
Amps at shop and Music Lesson Centre
Guitars at The Shop and Music Lesson Centre
Drums at the Shop and Music Lesson Centre
Fender Guitars at the Shop and Music Lesson Centre
Strings at The Shop and Music Lesson Centre
Ukulele at the Shop and Music Lesson Centre


Guitar repairs. Amp repairs. String Changes, instrument set ups and tuning. If you've got an issue with an instrument, we'll give it the love and care it needs. Our repairs and services are handled both on and off site. Simple to semi-complicated string changes, set-ups, and  instrument repairs we handle in-store while we service amps through our trusted off-site expert. Every instrument is unique so if you have any questions regarding yours bring it in and we’ll get to fixing the issue. We offer affordable rates and quick turnarounds to get you playing again as quickly as possible.

Brands at Get Loud music and Lessons

Get Loud is a full-service music store and we cater to more than just guitarists. We stock drums, ukulele’s, keyboards, professional grade microphones, audio interfaces, and headphones. We’ve always got used gear coming in and out of the shop for those thrifty shoppers. Take a look at are extended list of brands and start putting together that wish list.

Art & Lutherie Guitars - Audio Technica Microphones - Beaver Creek Ukuleles -  Blackstar Amps - BOSS Guitar Pedals D'Addario -  Electro-Harmonix Guitar Pedals - Elixir Strings - Epiphone Guitars - Evans Drumheads - Fender Guitars - Fender Amps - Focusrite Audio -Fulltone Guitar Pedals

Gibson Guitars - Godin Guitars - Hotone Guitar Pedals - Ibanez Guitars - Kala Ukuleles - Korg Synthesizers - Line 6 Amps -Ludwig Drums - Mapex Drums - Mahalo Ukuleles - Marshall Amps - Martin Strings - Orange Amps - Pearl Drums

Presonus Audio - Reverend Guitars - Sabian Cymbals - Seymour Duncan Pickups - Shure Microphones - Seagull Guitars Sigma Guitars - Simon & Patrick Guitars - TC Electronics - Vox Amps - Washburn Guitars - Wyres Guitar Strings - Yamaha Guitars & Keyboards - Yorkville PA Equipment