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Around the shop, we’re not ones to brag, but we are very proud of our musically diverse and talented group of instructors. We have touring musicians, multi-talented players, theoretical wizards, and even a professional opera singer. Seriously. She sings in Russian. Seriously!

Guitar. Drums. Piano. Vocal. Bass. Ukulele. We teach it all and more. Our lessons are one-on-one and tailored individually to each student. While we guarantee to show you the fundamentals of any instrument, no lesson is the same. There’s no strict curriculum and no pressure. You tell us what you want to play and then we play it together. Music is meant to be fun and that’s the most important thing to us. So whether you want to push yourself to the next technical level or relax and rip a jam session, we let you set the pace and follow your lead. Oh...and the first one is on us. So, scroll down, meet your next instructor and book your free trial lesson!


Gabe beneteau - Drums

Celebrity Sighting Alert!  Drummer of every hardcore band this side of North Bay, Gabe Beneteau has all the chops you need to get you slamming the skins in no time.  Gabe not only comes with hardened street cred, but academics too!  He has recently completed the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College, and we couldn’t be more stoked to have him on the team. While a very talented musician in his own right, he's described his drum style as "a mix between Bonham, Bozzio and Portnoy," and we tend to believe him. So, If you're looking to sound like one of those dudes or something in the middle, Gabe will get your kick and snare thumpin'. 

Guitar Lessons 2 at Get Loud Milton


Fun fact about Matt Poulton: he rules! He’s boasts the largest roster of guitar students at Get Loud, and for good reason. He’s competent in all styles of playing from technical ripping to causal jam sessions. One of the most laid back dudes on the planet, Matt is easy to work with and knows a ton about the guitar. He can also walk you through some hip-hop oriented audio production, if you're so inclined. . Sign up with Matt and get ready for his trademark “S’uhhh, dude” when he greets you.

Ukulele Lessons at Get Loud Milton

Zach Boswell - Guitar/Uke

Zach Boswell is a recent addition to the Get Loud team, and we're pumped to have him on board. A guitar specialist, Zach can teach you the fundamental and technical skills you need to start shredding up those six strings. A talented singer/songwriter in his own right, Zach can also help you transition from learning songs into writing your own. Maybe you've seen a couple ukulele videos and you're ready to start getting a little more advanced? Well, Zach can show you your way around the uke as well. And you can probably tell by the photo, but he's also our resident "instructor with the smouldering good looks."