Brado's Breakdown Outtakes

If you haven't seen it yet, we've put up the first volume of outtakes from the first three Brado's Breakdown episodes. If you haven't seen Brado breakdown the complexities of various pieces of gear, shame on you! But you can see the outtakes and the episodes on our YouTube channel. Check out the fun here:

Ummm... Brado's Huge in Argentina?

So, our very own Brado, of Brado's Breakdown fame, is now famous for another legitimate reason! 

Very recently, his band, Old East, has been honoured with their very first fan/lyric video. A dedicated Old Eastern, as Brado refers to his numerous fans, in ARGENTINA, translated the lyrics to "Scrapers" in SPANISH! 

Congrats Brado and Old East!

Check out the video here: 




A Third Date on Halloween - A Hip-Hop Halloween Radio Play


Bored on Halloween Night? Done all your tricks? Got all your treats?

Well, check out our Halloween inspired radio play. It's the trappiest Halloween radio play  you'll listen to all night. 

Join Dustin and Angie as they navigate demons, dodge car crashes, call on priests and conduct exorcisms. A lot happened on their third date.

Head over to Bandcamp:
Or YouTube. Here! Start at part one!



The Get Loud Blog – A Space for Creative Musicians in Milton and the GTA

We're happy to announce the launch of our new blog! We'll be posting all the crazy content that comes out of the shop here. We've got a lot of musicians on our team who are constantly creating their own music all. Check out this space to see the amazing stuff coming out of Get Loud.

We also want to invite other musicians to send in any original material that they're working on. We're all about sharing the love so send us in what you're up to and will do our best to post it on the site! Holler at us via Facebook and Instagram!